Mini MBA Program

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To guide your organization you need to look beyond your functional role!

Business Ballet Business Business Online Mini-MBA is a comprehensive leadership management and business development management that provides core business, training, and leadership skills to help push your career forward.

At the end of this program, you will be exposed to key management concepts that increase organizational growth. From marketing finance, human resource management, communication, project management, and business leadership, you will gain a strong and cohesive knowledge of each function and how it contributes to organizational success.

Through a host of case studies and practices, real-life scenes within the course materials, you will be able to integrate the key inputs into your daily routine.

While a "Mini-MBA" can not replace the depth of an MBA, they offer a concise and dynamic approach that quickly prepares you to handle new scenarios as a clever middle manager by boosting productivity, confidence, and skills for making decisions.

Note: While completing each of the thirteen (12) courses in the Mini-MBA Program of the Online Business Institute at Balldren, you will be able to automatically download any course certificate. When completing the thirteenth course you will find the Mini-MBA certificate in the "My Certificates" section of your account page.

At the end of your study you will have received a total of 14 completion certificates (12 out of each course and a general certificate for this program). We call it the 14-in-2 bid!

Better still look for a stamped copy of your certificate, we can give them all your addresses of your choice anywhere in the world. Simply go to the section on your account page.

What are you still waiting for? Register now for the Balldren Business Institute's Mini-MBA Program and take your place in the top management!