Part-time MBA Business Schools

Balance a job and graduate school through a part-time MBA program. Students often take courses in the evenings and on weekends to earn their business degree. These are the top business schools for part-time MBAs.

Part-time MBAs, long popular among time-poor managers, are in decline. Data from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) show that in each year since 2009, the majority of part-time MBAs in the US have had flat or falling application volumes.

An intense learning experience designed for those wishing to take a career break to attend daytime classes. Immerse yourself fully in the world of finance and surround yourself with a class of highly ambitious people from diverse industries and cultures.

Choosing the full-time program gives you the opportunity to pursue an optional fourth term, where you can undertake an international exchange, an independent business project, complete more electives, or take on a summer internship. You can choose whether to do the fourth term or not once you are on the program.

The program is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals who want to stay fully employed throughout their MBA at the same time as gaining the necessary skills for a management career.

The Master of Business Administration Part-Time Weekend attendance can occur seamlessly with one's own professional commitments, as the course features a two-day classroom session (friday and saturday) each month, on top of opportunities to access in-depth material offered by our e-learning platform.

The course also features lectures with professors from other prestigious European Business Schools and hands-on seminars, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of topics that are of great interest to any organization aspiring to an international relevance.

The program is also ideal for more senior experts who want to get a holistic view on management. In addition to the essential knowledge of all functional areas we develop two essential skills of participants: problem solving and team work. Our goal is to prepare participants for leadership roles in their organizations.